NextRecruiter Overview

NextRecruiter Applicant Tracking Software and Recruiting software solution

NextRecruiter is an intuitive, user-friendly Applicant Tracking Software and Recruiting Software that provides recruitment agencies with all the tools they need to source, communicate, track and place applicants.

The powerful multi-tasking interface enables users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. With a variety of search options from local database to social media and resume boards, NextRecruiter maximizes the time recruiters spend on income-generating activities, leading to increasing efficiency and faster placements.

NextRecruiter Applicant Tracking Software is designed to support Temp, Perm or contract staffing firms. Temp deployment is designed to suit the needs and requirements of the healthcare temp staffing firms. Perm and contract is designed for Permanent and contract staffing firms

A multilingual Recruiting Software which works in the selected language based on each user credentials preference. Once loaded, all menus, screens names, field labels and drop down lists are displayed in the selected language. The multilingual capability of NextRecruiter makes it the ideal recruiting software for Global Recruiting firms and Hiring departments.

NextRecruiter Applicant Tracking Software is a fully customizable Recruiting software systems that allow you to improve business workflow by helping automate data entry and approvals at every stage in the workflow process.

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