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Comprehensive Healthcare staffing software for the Temp Referral professionals.

NextRecruiter Healthcare Staffing Software is designed specifically for the healthcare referral agencies. Backed with over 15 years of Healthcare referral software design experience, NextRecruiter manages the complete recruiting cycle from pre-hire, talent sourcing, resume parsing, selection to time sheet assignment and invoicing.

NextRecruiter Healthcare’s application maintains the entire operation of healthcare referral running at top levels enhancing quality and effectiveness. In addition to all the capabilities shown on the Features page, the following are some of the healthcare versions specific features.


Time Sheet Scheduling

     A robust staffing and scheduling solution which factors all healthcare staffing requirements ensuring optimal flawless placement.

Job Order Requirements

     Healthcare staffing requires strict skills matching capability. NextRecruiter enforces strict rules that prevents scheduling a non qualified professional by matching not only skills, rather it matches credentials and licenses in every job requisition against the professional file ensuring the up-to-date status of all required credentials/licenses. The system is set for every job requisition to inherit skills, licenses and credentials from the Client facility record minimizing the time needed to create a job requisition.

Candidate Credentials and Licenses

     Tracking the candidates credentials and licenses status and their standings are crucial to the healthcare industry. NextRecruiter provides a robust capability for the recruiter to add, edit and renew the credentials/licenses. The level of file details is down to issuing state, this is crucial for the enterprise firms that operates nationwide offices. The system also enables dedicated managerial level group to extend temporary approvals that will force the system to schedule the contractor for a job until the proper credentials are obtained . The system offers the capability of searching for expiring records as well as reporting of expiring credentials/licenses.

Job Order Pipeline Checks Reports

    Every possible candidate attached to the Job Requisition Pipeline is seamlessly checked against the requirements displaying the results in an online report. If the candidate file is missing crucial requirements, the system prevents any scheduling for them while allowing the recruiter to easily identify the missing credentials enabling them to update the information instantly.

Schedule Edit Tool

    NextRecruiter provides a robust timesheet viewing and editing tool. The tool facilitates the time sheet reconciliation process presenting the recruiter with a complete view of the Candidate’s schedule allowing them to edit the time slip information based on the actual working hours. Editing results in instant work hours, Bill and Pay rate totals for each candidate.

Time Sheet Adjutsment

    The Time Sheet adjustment tools allows for financial disputes to be resolved and documented. Adjustment types covers billing errors, rate difference, break time discrepancy and more. It is important to note that all types are client specific tailored to their needs.

Time Sheet Adjutsment Contractor Listing

     All Time Sheet adjustment are related to the contractor record and are listed in details and are editable for changes.

Patient Case Management

    NextRecruiter recognizes the importance of patient case management that require daily/weekly care. Scheduling shifts and controlling authorized monthly, weekly or daily social workers hours as well as authorized expenditure amounts significantly controls your financials to avoid over/under scheduling. The online up-to-date calculated values enables you to instantly identify the current job status.

Contractor and Client Online Portal

    Every active contractor has access to a portal that enables them to view their past and current schedules. Contractors may also update their time sheet with actual working hours which is in turn submitted online to the client contact for verification and approval. The system retains the information entered by the contractor and the client contact and the account manager is informed whenever a discrepancy is found between the Contractor and Client actual hours and is show to them in order to resolve the dispute.

Client Department Hierarchical Relations

    The capability of building a parent client and sub departments is an effective tool that allows you to manage the entire client business cycle and enables the inheritance of crucial data between patent client, sub department and job orders. It also allows you to instantly view the entire client business activities as well as breaking it down by department and jobs.

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