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Intuitive staffing software for the professional recruiter.

Sourcing and recruiting is the core of your business. NextRecruiter is an intuitive, user-friendly Staffing Software that provides staffing and recruitment agencies with all the tools they need to source, communicate, track and place applicants. The flexible easy to use multi-tasking interface of this software enables users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. With a variety of search options from local database to social media and resume boards, NextRecruiter maximizes the time recruiters spend on income-generating activities, leading to increasing efficiency and faster placements. NextRecruiter Recruitment software is a fully customizable software systems that allow you to improve business workflow by helping automate data entry and approvals at every stage in the workflow process. The multilingual capabilities of NextRecruiter makes it the ideal Applicant Tracking Software for Global Recruiting firms and Hiring departments.


Resume Boards & Social Media Integration

    Search Social Media and Resume Boards from within NextRecruiter. NextRecruiter is designed to reduce the number of resumes received while radically improving the quality of resumes received. The system allows you to seamlessly use any search criteria to source CareerBuilder, Monster and LinkedIn talent from within the Job Requisition screen. With the click of a button, NextRecruiter imports the Resume and profile into the database. Existing candidates LinkedIn profiles are viewable in the applicant record ensuring your applicant records are kept up to date.

Multitasking Interface

    Users are never limited to one screen per module, rather they enjoy the flexibility of accessing multiple records simultaneously enabling them to compare records or to switch taks without losing what they are working on, thereby maximizing the recruiters productivity.

Intelligent Keywords

    No more need for maintaining and updating skills list since they are now created as you search. The Intuitive Keywords list retains all searchable freeform keywords and indexes all resumes that match. The keywords are highlighted on the Applicants main page providing the capability of performing a reverse search, looking for Job Orders that match with the candidates keyword list.

Outlook Integration

    The Smart Outlook Add-on Module allows your to process resumes straight to your database, and open candidate records right from your Inbox! This saves you time, and ensuring all resumes are up to date. Emails that are initiated from outlook are seamlessly synchronized with NextRecruiter providing all users immediate access to the latest communication with the contact. Activities and events are automatically synchronized with your existing Outlook Calendar.

Integrated Dashboard

    Each tab features an integrated dashboard displaying key information vital to recruiters. NextRecruiter updates the dashboards in real-time to ensure all team members are kept up to date with recruiting efforts. All dashboards are fully customizable to fit the requirements of the client.

Split-Screen View

    The intuitive approach of the split screen enables users to view both candidate records and job order records side by side. This allows the user to give detailed information regarding the job order to the candidate, while at the same time allowing them to update the candidate record. This saves recruiters’ time by not having to navigate away from the screen they were already working in.

Metrics Analyzer

    The Metrics Analyzer enables managers to monitor their team and firm performance. The Metrics Analyzer displays live information about job requisitions, pipeline stage counts, activities, new resumes and placements grouped by user. This makes it easy to determine each user’s activity and performance as well as totals of the entire firm.

Requisition Management

    The Requisition Manager is a powerful tool designed to streamline the hiring process. NextRecruiter has unique processes in place for both contract and permanent job opportunities. This speeds up the hiring process and prevents duplicate work by recruiters.

Job Boards / Career Sites

    With the click of a button you are able to post jobs to multiple job boards, including your own website. Pick and choose which boards to post the job to, eliminating redundant posting.

Interview Assessment Tool

    The interview assessment tool allows users to rank candidates based on important characteristics. This tool is customizable by management and can be tailored to their specific niche or industry. It is an added feature giving recruiters extra knowledge outside of the candidate’s resume.

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